Modern care for life in the city

Modern care
for life in the city

Surface Skin Care Routine Set - Hand Cream, Face Cream, Face Mist, Face Cream

Modern care for life in the city

Sûrface is specifically created for well-being in the city.

Simple, effective and gentle skincare products,
to sooth and wash away the non-stop activity of city living.
Keeping you fresh and protected, always.

Sûrface is the first skincare brand that is developed for the sole purpose of achieving healthy skin for those who live in the city.

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Taking care of you, starting from the surface. Our face range packed with powerful active botanicals fights off the effects of daily life in the city. Deep cleansing face wash, rich face cream and moisture boosting face mist, protect and revitalise your skin.

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Surface Face Mist Spray Anti aging - Shop Skin Care Face Products


Modern natural skincare for urbanites, purifying and protecting you against pollution and the stress elements of city life. With naturally powerful ingredients these hand and body products work any place, any time.

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Surface Hand Cream - Shop Skin Care Body Products

We use a complex blend of powerful antioxidants to prevent free radical damage caused by stress, dirt, smog and life in the city

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Surface Skin Care Natural Ingredients

People are beginning to see the effects of pollution on their skin. They want to have healthy skin and will take the time to apply products targeting antipollution.

The threat posed by pollution is real, and experts are clear that using ingredients designed to address and defend the skin against environmental aggressors isn’t a fleeting trend in skincare but a growing category.

Source “Anti-pollution is the new buzz word in beauty” – WWD, 25 May 2016, Rachel Strugatz